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    1. The company: REINGUSS s.r.o.; Registered Office: Košické Olšany 75, 044 42 Košické Olšany, Slovak republic; ID No.: 36 191 361, registered in the Business register of the District Court Košice I, Section: Sro, File No. 10984/V (hereinafter referred to as „REINGUSS“); is a provider and responsible person of the following website: (hereinafter referred to as “Website“).
    2. These terms of use issued by REINGUSS (hereinafter referred to as “Terms of use”) regulate the relationship between REINGUSS and the user of the Website. The Terms of use shall become binding for both sides from the moment of the first use of the Website and related services by the User.


    1. The Website is focused on the presentation of REINGUSS, and on providing it´s services.
    2. REINGUSS is responsible for the content of the Website. The Website provides information without any warranty. The information on the Website are provided in good faith as proper an accurate, but they may include errors or inaccuracies, without any liability of REINGUSS.
    3. REINGUSS is not responsible for any unintentional actual damage and loss of profits caused by any use of the information published on the Website.
    4. REINGUSS is not responsible for any technical defects related to data communication via internet, for defects related to the device of the user and errors caused due to inaccessibility of internet connection.
    5. REINGUSS does not oblige to perform any monitoring of the user´s generated content uploaded on the Website. All materials uploaded or maintained by third parties on the Website must be in accordance with the law of the Slovak republic. REINGUSS is not responsible for the content of the Website maintained by third parties.
    6. If REINGUSS identifies that the user´s generated content is in contrary to the laws of the Slovak Republic, e.g. it interferes with personal rights, violates intellectual property rights of third entities, absolute rights of third entities, it is in a contrary to the unfair competition law or includes a defamatory content, or the content is likely to cause material or non-material damage to third entities, or it is contrary to the public order or good manners, REINGUSS has an exclusive right to remove this content from the Website.
    7. The users may use the Website only in accordance with the law of the Slovak Republic and with this Terms of use.
    8. This entire Website and its content is protected by copyright of REINGUSS (© Copyright REINGUSS, Kosice, Slovakia. All rights reserved). Any use or exploitation of the content of the Website or it´s part (text, images, graphics, sound files, animation files, video files) is prohibited on the grounds of copyright, for any other than private purposes, including but not limited to the communication to the public, to distribute it to the public, to make a reproduction (copies), alteration, editing and adaptation. Any interference to the technical or material character of the Website is also prohibited. The use of the Website for other than private purpose is deemed as an unauthorized infringement of the rights of REINGUSS. A prior consent of REINGUSS is a crucial condition for any commercial use of the Website content in accordance with the Act No. 185/2015 Coll. Copyright Act as amended.
    9. Unless otherwise stated, all trademarks on this Website are subject to trademark rights of REINGUSS.
    10. For avoidance of any doubt, no license to use any intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patents, designs, etc.) of REINGUSS or the intellectual property of third parties is granted by this Website.


    1. A cookie is a small piece of text sent to and saved in the user´s device by REINGUSS, through the Website. A cookie helps the Website to remember information about preferences and requirements of the user. A storage of cookies makes the use of the Website more effective and faster.
    2. The cookies do not contain any harmful computer programs, malware or spyware.
    3. The Website uses temporary cookies which are stored in devices only during one visit on the Website. These files are automatically erased from a terminal device immediately after the closing of the selected web browser.
    4. The Website may also use permanent cookies stored in the devices for the purpose of: a. retention of specific phrases that are entered into search engine, b. storage of information about pages that were visited on the Website and specifying which pages and functions the users most frequently use, c. storage of reviews and comments of users on the Website, d. ensuring of information necessary for web analytics and statistics (which pages were visited, how long was time spent on them, the date of Website visits, number of visits on the Website, etc.), e. ensuring and simplification of the use of User´s settings (e. g. language settings, recognizing the User when he/she revisited to the Website, retention of login, and settings of page views).
    5. REINGUSS does not provide the third entities with the information obtained via cookies.
    6. REINGUSS is not responsible for the cookies of third entities.
    7. User´s personal data are not processed via cookies.
    8. Pursuant to Section 55 Subs. 5 of the Act No. 351/2011 Coll. on Electronic Communication as amended, an appropriate setting of the selected web browser is considered as the consent with the use of cookies for the purposes specified in these Terms of use.
    9. The cookies may be also rejected through the web browser or the user may use only some cookies or completely delete the cookies from the terminal device.
    10. If the user does not use the cookies, REINGUSS is not responsible for an improper functioning of the Website on the terminal device.


    1. If the user´s personal data are processed on the Website, REINGUSS undertakes to follow the relevant provisions of the act No. 122/2013 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data as amended (hereinafter as the “Act on Protection of Personal Data”).
    2. The purpose of the personal data processing is to ensure a full and proper provision of REINGUSS´s services via the Website.
    3. Processing of data for advertising and marketing purposes only takes place with an explicit prior consent of the user.
    4. Under some circumstances, REINGUSS may also require other user´s data or information together with his/her consent.
    5. The user grants the consent with processing of personal data only for the duration of the purpose of the personal data processing.
    6. The user also declares, that REINGUSS notified him/her that the respective rights are stated in the Section 28 Subs. 1 of the Act on Protection of Personal Data
    7. If registered in the member zone the user declares that he/she read these Terms of use and grants a voluntary consent to processing of his/her personal data to REINGUSS and the processing of personal data will be performed in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and with these Terms of use.
    8. In the event that the user gives consent to the purposes stated above, he/she also gives permission for data to be used by other REINGUSS organization or affiliates.
    9. User may revoke the consent at any time with immediate effect.


  1. REINGUSS may change these Terms of Use continuously and the user shall make himself/herself acquainted with these Terms of Use and their changes in his/her own interest. Current wording of the Terms of Use shall become effective on 15.07.2015 and it is published on the web address: