Reinguss is high-tech industrial company

specialized in the engineering and the production of unique, customized prototypes, including mechatronic and robotic
systems for the heavy industry.

About Reinguss

REINGUSS is a German & Slovak based high-tech industrial company with 30-year history. The company is specialized in the engineering and the production of unique, customized prototypes, including mechatronic and robotic systems for the heavy industry.

Consideration of the wider context is the key to creating solutions. We use unconventional thinking to achieve results demanded by our clients to fulfill their individual needs and aspirations.

We make sure that work performance, operational safety of our customers, productivity and product quality are constantly improved by our products.


Products you can trust, results you expect and ones that you are looking for.
Reinguss dispose all of these attributes.

The high quality and accountability of our products is the result of many years of experience in the heavy industry. Individual engineering solutions for heavy duty steel mill conditions, customized and tailor made on site solutions, highest performance, efficiency and long-life resistance in the steel making environment, continual development and high-quality standards are important to us so as to achieve the best results for you. Our machinery is designed and developed to comply with national and internationally recognized standards. All our products operate safely when installed and used according to the product instructions and general safety practices.

Our products are made by German engineering  using high-tech components made in EU.  Reinguss products are used in large-scale industrial projects. The production is designed as irreplaceable resources for use in industrial environments. Our machines are designed for durability and low maintenance – despite being typically deployed under harsh conditions. Low TCO factor is one of the benefits. Moreover, we provide a guarantee of availability of spare parts 10 years after system delivery and after sale service 24/7. Our company are continuously working on the further development and the optimization of our production processes, and we seize business opportunities that the market offers.

We’ll be glad to fulfill your individual requirements and offer you a fair,
fully customized solution to suit the needs of your business.

What makes us different?

  • Our attitude
  • Flexibility
  • Discipline
  • Ideas
  • Solutions
  • Our People


The production in Slovakia has been started in November 2012. We also operate an engineering office in Germany and Spain. Our know how is based on significant engineering solutions, using the best HW and SW equipment to achieve high quality products.

We design our 3D and 2D engineering in SW Inventor. Our products are crafted by using brand components, our engineering and precision mechanical production and hand made final assembly. All products and systems are fully tested in our workshop before shipment. We handle our production, according to ISO 9001 : 2008


Since the beginning of 1985, for the first time company Reinguss has been active on the world market. Throughout this time we have delivered and successfully installed our products in more than 40 countries worldwide. Long term experience and innovative technological solutions are combined in our products considering precise client’s needs.


Service support for our clients is significant. We provide after sale service and a guarantee of spare parts availability for 10 years after the delivery. Our service staff is permanently available 24/7 mostly supported by local agents for quick personal on-site support.

Future & Trends

Steel casting platforms are known for harsh and risky environment. Workers and operational staff are exposed to work in areas with an increased risk of injury. Robotics can solve all these situations more efficiently. Robots increase workplace safety. Workers no longer have to perform dangerous applications in hazardous settings. Operational staff is moved to supervisory roles. In addition, improved worker safety leads to financial savings with fewer health care and insurance concerns for employers.

Safety is not the only one advantage. Robots are bringing with them incredible precision, productivity, and flexibility. Applications are performed with precision and high repeatability every time. It ensures that process is performed with same specifications every time.

Our company understands the need for innovations and new challenges. We develop new ways of thinking in order to design better solutions, services and experiences that solve our current problems. That’s why we quickly reacted and started our business also in areas as Robotics and Vision systems. We can promise you that with Reinguss Robotic and Reinguss Vision system you are always one step ahead of your competition.



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