Another of ours manipulators is almost finished and prepare to be delivered to the China. Reinguss studied in detail whole site conditions at Client´s CC platform and select customized prototype of MHR manipulator /Hydraulic Radio Controlled Ladle shroud manipulator. MHR Manipulator is situated on a single steel base plate, which is fixed on new side steel construction. Manipulator is connected from take over point by electrical cables, hydraulic flexible hoses and Argon supply.

MHR manipulator /Hydraulic Radio Controlled Ladle shroud manipulator is Manipulator: Completely equipped with electro-mechanical drives SEW-Eurodrive, (see general sketch), and hydraulic proportionally contolled valves of all other axes by Bosch Rexroth and Sun Hydraulic.

System fulfill the regulation of NBN EU norm no. 14 753, issued 8/2008.
„Safety of machinery – Safety requirements for machinery and equipment for continuous casting of steel.”