KUKA KR270 Finally arrived

9th November such exciting day for us. Finally, KUKA KRC 270 arrived and we can start testing all our programs and let KUKA Agilus takes a rest. The KUKA KR270 heavy duty industrial robot with its payload of 270kg is ideally suited for our in-house testing cell. As these tests are now carried in 1:1 scale to the steelmaking process, a robot with enough handling capacity was needed. This industrial robot has also a range of 2900mm, so the working envelope is big enough, to allow us to simulate a multitude of test including:

  1. Tundish sample extraction
  2. Tundish temperature measurement
  3. SOS – oxygen lancing
  4. Ladle shroud dockingPowder for CC mold

 The red colour is linked to new areas Robotic and Vision systems. Moreover, it is associated with passion, strength, action and high level of energy and that is exactly what our work is about.

Code name for our new team member is RGR-01. Let’s wish the robot programmer and robot itself all the best!